Author: Freeda Kingelin

Na Trang Alam Paradise Bay Resort

ALMA Paradise Bay resort in Nha Trang and their concept of holiday ownership

Micro Boulangerie

Thank you so much to Jun from Micro Boulangerie! From South Korea, here to Saigon into our hearts at ILV! We enjoyed so many delicious gifts from their ovens, made without sugar, eggs, butter or milk. YUM!

Urban Gardening

Thank you Alex from Gagaco VIỆT NAM for your talk yesterday about your efforts in the area of urban gardening. Our Coffee Morning speakers always give us interesting and thought provoking topics! Congratulations to the lucky members that went home with fresh herbs!

mini market

We were so pleased with our “mini market day” on Thursday! Thank you to Brim Coffee, MAROU, Faiseurs de Chocolat, Kaanchi’s and DeKara Collection for your participation and great deals.

May Event Wine and Cheese Social

Our first get-together since the lockdown at MGallery! It was so nice to see everyone with their partners!

Coffee Morning Zoom Making Spring Rolls

APRIL 23, at10AM. We joined Freeda and her housekeeper in a Zoom gathering for an educational demonstration on proper Vietnamese spring rolls and dipping sauce.

Coffee Morning Zoom Exploring Indian Folk art

Thursday, April 16, our very talented member Vineeta Rupani gave a Zoom presentation exploring Indian Folk art and how it has shaped her own modern take in her paintings.

Coffee Morning Zoom Cooking Demonstration

April 2nd, about 20 ladies attended a Zoom Coffee Morning, watching the chefs from Benaras do a live cooking demo. The chefs kindly showed us the ingredients, how to cook, how to serve these appetizing dishes.
Although we couldn’t taste the final results, the food looked so delicious! A big thank you to our hosts at Benaras – Indian Restaurant & Lounge and all of our members that logged on to watch.