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November Activity – A Wine Tasting with Chocolate

On 20 November, the Night Owls group plus spouses enjoyed an evening of wine pairing with chocolate at Red Apron in District 1 with Matthieu Dutreuil. The ILV Night Owls meet monthly in the evening. If you would like to join in, please contact Piu, our Activities Coordinator at to be added to the Whatsapp group.

November Outing – A Visit to Ong Bon Pagoda

On 20 November, 23 ILV members visited the Ong Bon Pagoda in District 5. ILV Activities Coordinator, Piu, made the temple come to life explaining its history and recounted wonderful stories of the gods represented inside. After a delicious lunch, members were also guided around the area known commonly as “Christmas Street” and the market “Buttons and Bows” by ILV Secretary, Anne Ross.

October Event – A Drinks Evening at Bamboo Chic, Le Meridien

On 26 October, a record-breaking 63 ILV members and their spouses and partners enjoyed an evening of freeflow drinks and delicious canapés at Bamboo Chic in Le Meridien Hotel. Thank you to Jayne for specially organizing this event for us and more importantly, to all the members for supporting it!

October Outing – Hoang Nga Fine Arts

On 23 October, ILV members visited with Ms Nga of Hoang Nga Fine Arts, a long-time ILV supporter and Discount Provider, at their showroom in D9. Members enjoyed a close up view of how traditional lacquer products are made and were offered a special discount on the day!

October Outing – A Temple Visit

On 7 October, a group of ILV members visited the 200-year old Sri Thenday Yuthapani Hindu Temple in District 1. The ILV Activities Coordinator, Piu, explained the stories behind the main Deity of the Temple and the Mother Goddess, as well as the symbols. Members also had the pleasure of meeting Mr Mutthaiyah, the priest at the temple who is a descendant of the original financiers and builders of the temple.

September Outing, 2019 – A Visit to Jade Emperor Pagoda and Tan Dinh Church

On 11 September, a group of 15 members were led by Piu ( ILV Activities Coordinator) and Anne (ILV Secretariat) on a visit to the beautiful Jade Emperor Pagoda, followed by a wander through some interesting back alleys. We enjoyed a delicious lunch of Banh Xeo with help from ILV member Trang (cam on Trang!), then a visit to Tan Dinh church and market too. More photos can be found here!

August Event, 2019 – Drinks & Canapés at Madame Sau’s

On 24th August, from the 67th floor of Landmark 81, a record number of members and their spouses enjoyed drinks and snacks with a spectacular view on the balcony of Madame Sau’s. A great welcome back to Saigon after the summer holidays! More photos are available here.

June Workshop, 2019 – Calligraphy Workshop

On 26 June, our members had a fun morning enjoying a workshop with the multi-talented Mr. Gobi (complete with singing Carpenters and the love of Trinh Viet!) and trying our hand at the ancient art of calligraphy.

June Workshop, 2019 – Movement Workshop

On 12 June, Morry Tafakory of Tafakory Therapy & Trainer took our group of members through optimum breathing techniques, posture improvement, the use of rollers for circulation and other useful techniques for a pain-free life. After the workshop, the group went for a relaxed chit chat and enjoyed vegetarian delicacies.

May Workshop, 2019 – Smartphone Photography

ILV members learned to take better photos on their smartphones at a workshop by Livia Ramirez on 22 May. We experimented with lighting, angles and finally figured out all those editing buttons!

May Event – 2019 Social Night at Belgo’s

Members and their partners spent a lovely evening on Thursday, 9 May enjoying craft beers and delicious canapés, as they chit chatted at Belgo Belgian Craft Beer Brewery. 

March Event, 2019 – Saigon River Cruise

On Saturday 9 March, we boarded the Bonsai and cruised the Saigon river. Lovely cruise with over 80 of us on board, with great food, plenty to drink, a fun magician, music to dance and more.

March Workshop, 2019 – Passions, Possibilities, Priorities

We had an intimate and enlightening workshop titled ‘Passions, Possibilities and Priorities’ facilitated by GerlieMa. The participants got to engage in a Passions Test, which gave them clearer pathways to make most of their transitions as expats.

February Outing, 2019 – Dried Food Factory visit (Dan On Foods)

We had an interesting day. Unfortunately we were delayed to the factory because of closed streets around the US consulate, and all workers in the factory were having lunch brake. But we could see the factory and buy some nuts. There was a quick visit to the Segafredo factory before heading back.


February Outing, 2019 – Vietnamese Cooking Class

A small group of ladies tried their hand at preparing popular Vietnamese cuisine this morning. As they say “Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.”

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