Please scroll through this page to see the bios of our ILV Committee for 2019. We are looking forward to making this a wonderful year for all ILV members, and we hope to get your input on what you are looking for in your membership. If you have an idea for a speaker for Coffee Morning, a discount provider, or an outing or activity you’d like to bring forward for consideration, we’d love to hear from you. 

If you are a current ILV member and interested in joining the ILV Committee, most of us are here on indefinite assignments so ILV occasionally has unexpected committee vacancies that need to be filled during the year. Those vacancies are filled by a vote of the current Committee, based on members volunteering for a position or being nominated.

You don’t have to speak or write perfect English to take these positions, and you will be provided with lots of help to get you started and as we carry on through the year.

Being on the ILV Committee is very rewarding, and is a great way to provide your valuable input for the benefit of all members. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend to nominate you, or to nominate yourself for the position you are interested in. The Committee wants YOU!

Carys McKane
ILV President

Carys was born in the UK, moved to Brisbane Australia in 1998 and since September 2018, is now a resident in Saigon. She enjoys travelling and meeting new people. Since joining ILV Carys has found friendship, support and a great social network. Being part of ILV committee is a wonderful way to give something back to the community.  Please feel free to send her your suggestions and feedback!

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Pärla Saloma
Vice-President Administration

Parla has been in Saigon since autumn 2014. She enjoys this vibrant city and the endless new things to discover and try. She wants to provide new members with the same warm welcome she received, and to have ILV members enjoy the special atmosphere of ILV.

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Enrica Longo
Vice-President Social
Enrica embraced the opportunity to be in Vietnam for her work in September 2018. She is here from Australia with her two children and husband. She is very happy to be involved in ILV having had a great experience in her first few months finding the women to be "welcoming, generous and supportive". Enrica, who is of Italian descent, loves seeing people interact, and hearing people's stories. She works as an Engagement specialist and Fundraiser and has a background in Development, Corporate communications and Journalism in Australia and Europe.
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DinDin Nuyles
Dindin loves working with children and their significant adults.  She conducts seminars for teachers, parents and caregivers. When she left the Philippines and moved to Vietnam in March 2018,  she continued to pursue her vocation with the children online. However, before working in the school she was, in fact, a banker for many years. She also conducted seminars on personal finance, work ethics, among others.  This background surely comes in handy in her position as ILV Treasurer. 
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Anne Ross
Anne came to HCMC in August 2018 from Warsaw, Poland. Originally from Scotland, Anne has enjoyed living in many other countries around the world including Ireland, Belgium and China. Anne retired from her job in consumer insights, to come to HCMC with her husband. She is now fully enjoying the freedom of not working for the first time, as well as the chance to explore more about the people, culture and language of Vietnam, Helped by the great friendships and activities with ILV, Anne has never been so busy!
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Jane Quinn
Membership Secretary
Jane is from Boston and an expat on and off since 1984. She loves spending time with her family and friends, meeting new people, reading and travel. After moving to Saigon from Portland, Oregon in February 2016, Jane joined ILV after only 4 days and was delighted to find immediate friendship, support and purpose. As Membership Secretary, she is pleased to connect newcomers to seasoned expats.
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Piu Lahiri
​Activities & Outings Coordinator
Piu is a bookaholic, passionate about ancient history, community service and is writing her first book. Since she left Indian shores two decades ago, she has lived in Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore, Cairo, Lusaka, Hanoi and now Saigon. An English lecturer by profession, her passion for the education of underprivileged children has inspired her to work with NGOs as a fundraiser. She has also trained as a museum docent. She loves discovering hidden alleyways, old pagodas, researching traditional arts and crafts and was delighted to take on the role of Activities and Outing Coordinator.
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Maila Nanaga
Community Liaison & Coffee Morning Coordinator
Maila is from the Philippines and has lived in Vietnam for a total of 10 years. Her husband is from Denmark and they have a 13 year old son going to SSIS. In addition to the Philippines and Vietnam, Maila has lived in Bangladesh, Sweden and Denmark. Maila likes going to the gym and swimming. Or rather, she says she doesn't really like to go to either one, but forces herself to go to make up for her love of cheese and wine.
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Mirjam de Boer
Speakers Coordinator
Mirjam is from the Netherlands. She has been living in Asia for the past 12 years. She has enjoyed juggling a family life and work with adventures and volunteering as part of integrating in each country she has lived in. So in fact, it was an obvious step for her to volunteer as the Speakers' Coordinator for ILV. This task gives her and all the members an opportunity to hear about a subject or a story which may be new to many and which we can learn from.
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Catherine Graydon
Discount Coordinator
Catherine is Canadian and moved to HCMC adding to her 21 years in Asia. The last 17 years were in Hong Kong where she kept busy volunteering, playing bridge, hiking and teaching English. Catherine is an avid birdwatcher, loves working out and playing bridge. "ILV is an extraordinary connector leapfrogging me into daily life, making friends, socializing and adjusting to my new home." Contact Catherine if you find a unique, quality company that should join ILV's Discount Provider team.
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Amanda Yau McKeever
Social Media Coordinator
Amanda is from Hong Kong and has lived in the UK, moving to Saigon in August 2018 as part of a grand new adventure. She works as a freelance editor and writer primarily for NGOs which allows her the freedom to travel and work anywhere. On arrival in Saigon, she was delighted to find ILV and the support and friendship it offers the new expat. Let her know about any events or happenings that would be of interest to ILV members to share on social media.
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Larissa Boden
Bazaar Coordinator
Larissa is from Ukraine and has lived in Ho Chi Minh the past 2 years as her first overseas experience. She moved here with her husband who is from Sweden and their three children, but continues to manage her two businesses in farming and handmade carpets in the Ukraine. Her family considers Vietnam as their primary home now and want to learn about Vietnam and its wonderful people better. Larissa is in charge of the ILV Charity bazaar and is excited to learn about local entrepreneurship and craftsmanship.
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