Author: Amanda Yau McKeever

September Outing, 2019 – A Visit to Jade Emperor Pagoda and Tan Dinh Church

On 11 September, a group of 15 members were led by Piu ( ILV Activities Coordinator) and Anne (ILV Secretariat) on a visit to the beautiful Jade Emperor Pagoda, followed by a wander through some interesting back alleys. We enjoyed a delicious lunch of Banh Xeo with help from ILV member Trang (cam on Trang!), then a visit to Tan Dinh church and market too. More photos can be found here!

August Event, 2019 – Drinks & Canapés at Madame Sau’s

On 24th August, from the 67th floor of Landmark 81, a record number of members and their spouses enjoyed drinks and snacks with a spectacular view on the balcony of Madame Sau’s. A great welcome back to Saigon after the summer holidays! More photos are available here.

June Workshop, 2019 – Calligraphy Workshop

On 26 June, our members had a fun morning enjoying a workshop with the multi-talented Mr. Gobi (complete with singing Carpenters and the love of Trinh Viet!) and trying our hand at the ancient art of calligraphy.

June Workshop, 2019 – Movement Workshop

On 12 June, Morry Tafakory of Tafakory Therapy & Trainer took our group of members through optimum breathing techniques, posture improvement, the use of rollers for circulation and other useful techniques for a pain-free life. After the workshop, the group went for a relaxed chit chat and enjoyed vegetarian delicacies.

May Workshop, 2019 – Smartphone Photography

ILV members learned to take better photos on their smartphones at a workshop by Livia Ramirez on 22 May. We experimented with lighting, angles and finally figured out all those editing buttons!

May Event – 2019 Social Night at Belgo’s

Members and their partners spent a lovely evening on Thursday, 9 May enjoying craft beers and delicious canapés, as they chit chatted at Belgo Belgian Craft Beer Brewery. 

March Event, 2019 – Saigon River Cruise

On Saturday 9 March, we boarded the Bonsai and cruised the Saigon river. Lovely cruise with over 80 of us on board, with great food, plenty to drink, a fun magician, music to dance and more.

March Workshop, 2019 – Passions, Possibilities, Priorities

We had an intimate and enlightening workshop titled ‘Passions, Possibilities and Priorities’ facilitated by GerlieMa. The participants got to engage in a Passions Test, which gave them clearer pathways to make most of their transitions as expats.